Mac Pro – Apple’s New Powerhouse


If there is one thing that Apple has been very good at, it’s been innovative design.  The new Mac Pro is no exception.  With up to 12 cores of XEON CPU processing and standard Dual GPU’s from AMD, this should satisfy most graphic artists, designers, and video editors.  The new cylinder shaped piece of art, just like it’s predecessors is a powerhouse. Like all Mac Pro’s, I’m sure this won’t be cheap, especially if you load it to the hilt with add-ons.  If past Mac Pro pricing is any indicator, the cost of this new one will put it out of reach for most.  A well configured PC with equal computing power would cost you one half to a third of what this one is probably going to run you. Serious designers and studios income will most likely be the main purchasers of this new Mac Pro.  I’ll be looking to add one to my studio soon…

Check the link below to get a sneak peak at the all new Mac Pro that will be out later this year.


New-Mac-Pro Mac-Pro-2013
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