10 Creative Business Card Designs

Business card designs are a great way to define your company. You don’t want someone to toss your business card in a stack with “the rest” of the cards. You want it to stand apart from the rest. You want it to be the one they pull out at a business meeting or show their friends. Here are some creative business cards designs.              
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14 type crimes to stop committing

I deal with typography daily. Whether it’s for my Blog or a graphic design project.  This is a good article! Just don’t do it: 14 type crimes to stop committing http://99designs.com/designer-blog/2013/06/28/13-type-crimes-to-stop-committing/
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The New Photoshop CC

  Photoshop CC is out now. I’ve been playing with the demo version for a couple of weeks. So far I’m liking the new and improved options it offers. Photoshop Tutorials has a nice breakdown and explanation of the new tools:  http://photoshoptutorials.ws/photoshop-tutorials/basics/top-features-photoshop-cc/
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Sony SmartWatch 2 | Uncrate

Is wearable tech the next big thing? Is been around for years, but Sony’s SmartWatch 2 might be the one to make it cool again – and functional. Check out Uncrate’s article:  http://uncrate.com/stuff/sony-smartwatch-2/
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