10 Creative Business Card Designs

Business card designs are a great way to define your company. You don’t want someone to toss your business card in a stack with “the rest” of the cards. You want it to stand apart from the rest. You want it to be the one they pull out at a business meeting or show their friends. Here are some creative business cards designs.

Business Card 1

Two Arms Inc.


Business Card 2

A Hundred Monkeys


Business Card 3

Carabiner Outdoor Connections


Business Card 4

Diesel Design


Business 5

The Bombay Bakery


Business Card 6

BC Adventure Survival Training

Business Card 7

Joash Berkley


Business Card 8

Juke Box Print | Powell Peralta


Business Card 9

Blue Bird Design

Business Card 10


I am the Owner/Creative Director of R-KIVE Studios. I have been in the Graphic Arts & Design field for 15+ years.

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